Night-time potty training – How to do it?

When it comes to potty training your toddler, night time training and daytime training are 2 separate things.

nighttime potty training tips

For instance I’ve noticed a lot of parents using potty training charts to train their child during the day, but not using them for night time training. If they work for one they will probably work for the other too.

Even if you manage to successfully POTTY TRAIN YOUR CHILD IN 3 DAYS that doesn’t mean that it’s all over. It’s common for kids to wet their bed at night years after they’ve completely mastered the process in the day time.

Toilet training your SON or your daughter at night can be done very easily by following certain rules, like not allowing him big drinks before bed time, or waking him up a little earlier so he can go potty, etc.

Girls are easier to potty train, but that does not mean that they won’t wet the bed at night, just like boys do. It helps a lot if you wake your child one hour after he’s asleep and take him or her to the potty.

If you want some proven to work guides on training your child how to use the potty, you can check out Project POTTY TRAINING, a website that’s all about toilet training your child.

Acer, Asus sau Lenovo – Care sunt cele mai bune laptopuri din Romania?

Stii cum suntem noi romanii, nu? Vrem totul sa fie ieftin si bun.

notebookuri ieftine si bune

Si da, chestia asta e posibila si la laptopuri insa foarte rar. Eu, de exemplu de la primul meu laptop si pana la cel de pe care scriu acest articol am mers cu Acer. Nu stiu de ce dar notebook-urile Acer mi s-au parut intotdeauna usor de intretinut, sau poate sunt eu foarte familiarizat cu constructia lor.

Asa de la prieteni, stiu ca laptopurile Asus sunt foarte bune insa si pretul lor este de obicei mai mare.  Daca esti cu jocurile pe calculator poate investitia se merita insa daca doar asa de stat pe net nu stiu daca are rost sa dai foarte multi bani pe un laptop.

A da si mai sunt notebook-urile Lenovo care mie personal mi se par cam chinezarii. Acuma asta e doar parerea mea.

Poti merge daca vrei pe, gasesti o gramada de review-uri la laptopuri aici.

Best Headphones for Running and Gym

Whether you’re at the gym working out or you’re jogging it’s always more fun when you’re listening to your favorite tracks.

Besides that it really gets you motivated and pumped so that you can work harder.

So… which are the best headphones for running or working out?

Well, since you asked, here’s a short video review of these bluetooth stereo headphones which I find very convenient since they don’t have any wires to bug you.

They do seem pretty ok, right?

If you want more headphone reviews which by the way are made by actual consumers who own these type of headphones you can go to You’ll also find a cool review on the best wireless headphones, I’m sure you’ll like it. Or if you’re more into heart pumping powerfull bass check out the best headphones for bass review.

Just click on the image below to go straight to the site right now.

beat headphones

Cumpara-ti aparatele frigorifice online!

Deja sunt ani buni de cand e-commerce-ul s-a dezvoltat si la noi, asa ca de ce sa nu iti faci cumparaturile online.

Acum sunt o gramada de site-uri de unde poti achizitiona aparate frigorifice de exemplu, la preturi mult mai mici decat in magazinele traditionale.

Daca cauti frigidere sau combine frigorifice poti acum afla toate detaliile despre produs inainte de al cumpara.

In videoul de mai sus puteti vedea cat de usor este sa iti faci cumparaturile online.